Makiko's Daycare  - A Japanese Style Daycare

We understand that as parents choosing the right daycare program for your child is an important decision for you. You will be looking for a home away from home where your child can be nurtured and the very best care and nutrition provided to him/her. Makiko’s Daycare Center is a unique program which is supervised and run by Makiko along the lines of the Japanese Daycare curriculum also known as "Hoikuen."
We provide kids all across the Wasatch Front with unique opportunities to learn academic and artistic skills and also make room in their schedules for lots of play time and naps. The meals we provide are healthy and wholesome and lunches are freshly cooked att he center itself.
We believe in creating an environment for kids where they will be able to interact with other kids of different ages, cultures and backgrounds. This will help them learn to respect and understand each other.
Come visit us at  Makiko’s Daycare Center and you will see for yourself that you could not choose a better program for your child.

・日本での保育士経験を生かし保育現場の実践を基に開始した”Makiko's Day Care"も早4年今現在たくさんの元気いっぱいの子供たちが通園しています
 当Day Careは閑静な住宅の中に位置し、見渡せば山並みの見える自然に恵まれた場所で、近くに公園もあり気候のいい時は散歩等が日課で広々とした公園でみんなと楽しんでいます
・今失われつつある、子供同士の係わりや、子育ての大切さを、当Makiko's Day Careで親子ともども学びませんか?     
※よく食べ、よく遊び、友達と仲良くを 目標にしているMakiko's Day Careにちびっ子たち、あつまれー!!※