Makiko's Daycare  - A Japanese Style Daycare

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We understand that as parents choosing the right daycare program for your child is an important decision. You will be looking for a wonderful home away from home where they can be nurtured with the best care and nutrition with safety. Makiko’s Daycare Center is run by Makiko and it has a program based on Japanese Daycare curriculum also known as "Hoikuen."
Since we have so many students from different countries. Your child can learn not only Japanese language, academic, artistic skills, but also international interactions. The meals are freshly cooked everyday with wholesome ingredients.
This daycare will provide your child opportunities to know and understand different languages, cultures and people. These experiences will nutrure him/her in the global senses, they'll also absorb how to create connections and bonds with one another through international environment.    

Come visit us at  Makiko’s Daycare Center and you will see you could not choose a better program for your child.
Salt lake location
Riverton Location

・日本での保育士経験を生かし保育現場の実践を基に開始した”Makiko's Day Care"も早4年今現在たくさんの元気いっぱいの子供たちが通園しています
※よく食べ、よく遊び、友達と仲良くを 目標にしているMakiko's Day Careにちびっ子たち、あつまれー!!※