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What Makes Makiko's Daycare Special?

Here are some higlights of our services!

  • Makiko's Daycare is a Japanese styled daycare
  • Children get to learn a lot about Japanese culture, language and group(social) skills
  • Physical education programs (Zumba, Dance, Karate, Yoga) are offered.
  • Well nutritioned Japanese foods with Organic ingredients.
  • Super clean facility /No outside shoes in the facility
  • Weekly newsletter with children's cute pictures via email
  • Teacher and Parents Communicating notebook
  • Our staffs are experts at Potty training!
  • We have created textbooks by daycare custom made along with language and cultural differences and varieties
  • Reward program offered for enrollees. (when introducing new full time family entry to our service.) 

Some of Our Teaching Specialists

Sasha Villalobos

Dance Instructor

Oscar Villalobos

Karate Instructor

Satomi Biggs

Dance Instructor

Kuroki Minako

Japanese Language Instructor

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